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Side Boards/Plasma tv lowboys/Buffets

Java Buffet/vanity 2 Door 4 Drawer

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our price   $1295.00

Dimensions: 150x45x80cm
Code: JAVXM1711E
Arriving JAN 2018..Beautifully hand crafted and hand carved, this is a smaller version of our large sideboard/vanity with the height being ideal for a bathroom or bedroom. Would be equally at home in the living room, kitchen or office for storage. Highly decorative, and at the same time, practical with large drawers and storage shelves. Made from totally recycled and up cycled old teak and other hardwoods.
arriving JAN 2018


Senuk medium sideboard....2 drawers and 2 carved doors...made from recycled timbers salvaged from old fishing boats, buildings, railway sleepers etc...timbers include binkray, ironwood, teak etc ..arriving  from JAVA...great price!

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