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Cabinets and Wardrobes

Java Whitewashed Pillar Cabinet

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Dimensions: 110WX45DX200H cms
Code: JAJAN1610
Exquisitely hand carved and hand crafted whitewashed small wardrobe cabinet, which is the peak of Balinese furniture look. Made in Java from fully sustainable and certified recycled old teak and other hard woods this cabinet has options to hang clothes and store on shelves. Shelves can knock down and we have two forward running rods to hang clothing full length if needed. Beautifully hand carved old teak pillars embellish the sides. We can pack and ship to many parts of Australia.


This is a classic piece inspired by the old mansions of Surakarta, Yogyakarta and the Java provinces, where the influence of the Dutch and the Middle eastern elements combined to create a style which has become famous amongst designers world wide. A single piece of furniture like this one will transform the mood of any house, restaurant, office or studio..a one only. 

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