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Kargahi Roomsize Rug 6.6m2

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Dimensions: 220X294 cm
Code: KG7AG156
Kargahi, or Khargai is a village in the mountain regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The population are mostly Uzbeki Turkoman with their origins tracing back to the Ottoman empire. Their rug designs reflect this long tradition of their forefathers in the Caucasus regions. Dyes are produced locally using vegetal and mineral sources available to them in that region.... Kargahi colours are mostly burnt oranges, greens, rust tones and cream and are with geometric patterns and polygons. These rugs are highly sought after, the wool is hand spun and the rugs are totally hand crafted and hand woven from start to finish, making them soft yet resilient to ageing and fading. We can ship this rug to most parts of the world at a reasonable rate.


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