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Khargahi 3m2

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Dimensions: 200x150cm APPROX
Code: KG7AG130
2018 SALE A FEW AT THIS PRICE PLEASE ASK FOR PICS Khargahi medium sized rugs from the mountain villages between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The people are Uzbek Turkoman and are weaving designs there which reflect their long cultural history and show a strong influence of Kazak and Caucasian traditions. These Kargahi rugs are all hand woven intricately from hand spun wool, using vegetable dyes sourced from local vegetation and minerals. We can pack and send anywhere in the world.Enquire now for a price including shipping to your home.


Most of the dyes take months to brew using apricots, turmeric, madder root, leaf material and indigo to name a few. These dyes therefore have greater resistance to loss of colour from fading than more commercially produced rugs from places like Iran. Colours are differing shades of rusts, greens, creams, yellows, tan and dark blues and other earthy tones.

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