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Khargahi 6m2

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Dimensions: 218X284 cms
Code: KG7AG200
2018 TRIBAL RUGS SALE.CHECK WITH US FOR CURRENT STOCKS WE HAVE A FEW SIMILAR PIECES ...PRICE UNTIL SOLD OUT..Modern Khargahi rugs reflect many of the traditions of The Uzbeks and Kazaks who have resettled in villages high in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Designs are therefore based on geometric and arabesque patterns with lots of medallions and polygons. The wool is hand spun giving it a lanolin filled silence and allows for very fine knotting and sharp definition bin the patterns. Vegetable dyes are all made locally sourcing local fruits, trees, and minerals to give these stunning rugs a unique palette of colours. Ask now about a price including shipping to you.


Vegetable dyes are made using tumeric, madder root, berries, indigo, onion skins, bark, leaves etc and are months in the processing.

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