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One Metre Square Wall Carving

(RRP: $799)

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our price   $499.00

Dimensions: 100x100cms
Code: JANOV14TU04
Great medium sized whitewashed and natural "teak" colour timber wall panel, beautifully carved in the villages of Indonesia...a classic island style global decorator piece to enhance and embellish any bedroom, living room or bathroom wall. For that Bali style wall feature, you can't find any better than this piece for a great price..we include a pic from one of our happy clients.. We can ship to most parts of Australia. Price is ex store..choose colour option below.


There is something about  carved timber, the mood it creates is  peaceful and delicate, and so beautiful to sleep under, and better still to awake under. This piece can easily be adapted as a feature wall panel, set in to create a see through divider or screen, can be back lit..or even set into a ceiling and down lit for maximum effect. We can ship it Australia wide or enquire on this site for a great price including packing and shipping to your door. Just arrived November 2014.

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