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Tables and coffee tables

Ox Cart Dining Table Java 2mx1m

(RRP: $3500)

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our price   $2295.00

Dimensions: 250x100x80cms
Code: JAVXM1724WW
Unique and magnificent large dining table with that point of difference using old teak salvaged from disused ox carts in central Java. The wheels are intact, and are a feature for the large living room area or as a verandah table. It combines well with our Java chairs or even with more funky styled modern chairs. Comes apart for delivery and easy assembly. We ship to most parts of Australia. ALSO AVAILABLE IN TEAK NATURAL COLOUR


Magnificent huge whitewashed dining table made from totally recycled old teak salvaged from old ox carts in Java..the base is made from the wheels of the carts to create a sensational effect..( we also have a natural timber erosion piece similar ).COMES APART FOR EASY SHIPPING AND ACCESS...WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE..ASK ABOUT OUR SUBSIDISED SHIPPING.

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