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Pair Tall Indian Columns

(RRP: $5995)

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our price   $1890.00

Dimensions: 245HX40W X40 cm APPROX
Code: VIJ1704
Unique pair of rustic tall Indian Pillars with stone base, arriving January 2017 from our Rajasthan workshops. These columns have been salvaged and restored from old demolished havelis and were once holding up a classic verandah. Columns have been symbolic for centuries in India, used in temples and victory arches. These columns have classic capitals, and are shaped with a squared off back so must have been used against a wall or corner. Price is for PAIR of columns and is ex our Byron store.


The aesthetic use of old architectural pieces, such as these columns, in our homes, restaurants, yoga centres etc creates a feeling of ancient connectedness with our past and the whole past of humanity, allowing us to relax into our modern lifestyle surrounded by relics of an incredible creative history.

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