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Pak Bokhara

Queen Bokara 7.6m2

(RRP: $3995)

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our price   $2495.00

Dimensions: 313x244 cm
Code: PB7AG188
Pakistani Queen Bokara, a huge room size quality wool rug at an inexpensive price. These rugs are reproduced in the same way as the classic Persian Bokaras but present at a fraction of the cost. They are hand woven and hand finished from merino wool which is imported from NZ, and the feel is luxurious and abundant. The elephant footprint patterned guys traditionally represent wisdom and long life. We pack and send Australia wide and world wide.


Based on the timeless patterns of the classic Persian Bokaras, these room size rugs will make the same statement at less than half the cost. Available in several exotic colours if you scroll through these rugs.

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