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Pak Bokhara

Queen Bokara 8m2

(RRP: $3995)

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our price   $2795.00

Dimensions: 319x249 cm
Code: PB7AG81
Pakistan Queen Bokhara. Huge room size all wool rug at a great price..typically Pakistan Queen Bokharas have gul motifs repeated in rows on the face of the rug. Each rug tells a story with the motifs representing elephant or camel footprints and represent wisdom. Soft merino wool is hand woven to create a feel of abundant luxury..these are the softest rugs we sell and have a luxurious feel.
We can pack and send Australia wide and world wide.


Pakistan Bokara rugs are less expensive renditions of the classic Persians and will give a look of plush luxury at a fraction of the cost. 

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