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Room Size Rugs

Turkoman Aqcha 9 M2

(RRP: $2995)

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our price   $1995.00

Dimensions: 249X347 cm
Code: TM7AG258
SALE PRICE EX STORE---Turkoman rugs come from the Aqchqa town on the old trade route along the border of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. These rugs are all hand crafted and hand woven and are resilient to wear and tear. The traditional shield patterns are reminiscent of the original old Tekke tribal rugs and are known as either camel foot print design(small shields) or elephant footprint designs(large shields). These rugs will last at least a lifetime and represent great value to purchase from an importer like ourselves at this price. we can ship to most parts of Australia and the globe at reasonable rates.


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