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Large Rugs

Turkoman Camel Foot Design 6m2

(RRP: $1995)

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our price   $899.00

Dimensions: 3x2m approx
Code: TM01
Great value Turkoman Aqchqa rug which will last a lifetime and is great value at this price.This is a generic sample..we can send pics of current pieces. The camel footprint design is traditional throughout the Middle East and is very easy to place in most decor situations.We ship Australia wide and world wide. Sale price is ex store.


Elephantprint/camel print 3mx2m Turkoman Achqcha Rugs These rugs from Tekke and nomad tribes of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are handcrafted from fine wool. These richly coloured wool rugs have motif guls depicting large elephant footprints or smaller camel footprints .traditional motifs typical of Tekke and Ersari origins. Dyes are derived from madder roots, walnut shells, onion skins and other vegetable mineral sources and take up to three months to brew. This rug will only improve with age and will withstand decades of use.

0 out of 5 stars (1)
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    What is that rug made of?

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