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Ganesh Statues

White Marble Ganesha 18inch

(RRP: $4500)

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Dimensions: 45HX30DX15D cm
Code: RADA15MM03
Exquisitely hand carved white marble Ganesha, the Hindu God, Remover of Obstacles and patron of the Arts...carved from finest white marble by some of the finest sculptors in India. His right hand is in protection mudra (Abaya mudra), and in his other right hand he holds an elephant goad, urging the world from Ignorance to Knowledge...his left hand holds a conch shell to blow and awaken us from dreaming, while his bowl of sweets he eats to sweeten our lives and allow us to live in bliss. Just arrived October 2015. We can pack and ship to most parts..price ex store.


Ganesh is always the first of all deities to be revered in India and is always at the front of temples..all other deities prayers must go through the great elephant headed god as he is the remover of all obstacles so prayers will fly quickly to the other god of their choice. he is the son of the mighty Shiva and the all present feminine shake, Parvarti. The story of his creation is as varied as there are people in India, as every member of the population has their individual take on the story. 

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