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Hindu mythology is full of colourful and powerful images ... read more... read more

Hindu mythology is full of colourful and powerful images. There are literally thousands of deities who are invoked at some stage in prayer and meditation to bring the seeker closer to the Source.
At Shikara Design we have a huge collection of Indian and Tibetan deities, from the very small to the extremely large, in marble, sandstone wood and brass. All the major deities are featured with a lot of focus on the many forms of Shiva, or as Nataraj the joyful Lord of the universal dance, and Ardnarishvara…half man half woman. Vishnu and Brahma complete the triad of great gods.
And Ganesh - the elephant headed remover of obstacles
No traditional Hindu will embark upon a new project without invoking Ganesha, for it is he, as Vigneshwara, prime mover of obstacles, who clears the path to success.
Krishna and Arjuna and the great monkey god Hanuman, son of the Wind are all featured in our collection along with their feminine consorts.

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