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Doors And Gates

From immense Indian hand carved door frames and Bali gates to smaller access single doors we have a huge selection of doors and doorways at our disposal

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From immense Indian hand carved door frames to smaller access single doors we have a huge selection of doors and doorways at our disposal. Indian doorways, Rajastani doorways, Gujurati door frames and windows, Single old recycled teak Indian doors, Indonesian doors and door frames, Javanese old teak doors and Bali gates and doorways to suit a multitude of applications. Salvaged and recycled from old demolished houses they become beautiful front doors or gates for our modern homes, and make a magnificent welcome to the home, business, office or spa. Many of our Bali gates and doors are utilised as Bali day spa entrances and used in Bali poolside settings. They complement and complete any decor situation and are the most effective means of transforming a banal decor setting into a feature. As well as doors we have access to some great old Indian gates and gateways, iron gates, timber gates, and timber and iron gates.
Old Indian doors for architectural restoration or to install in your new home, shop, temple or office...WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE at subsidised shipping rates..enquire now. Also for that "Bali style" home or pool house or gateway, our range of Java old teak doorways is a stunning addition.
We are suppliers of quality recycled Old Indian doors in Australia, and we are manufacturers of custom designed Indian archways and Indian gates as well as old Indian columns for distribution in Australia and the world. We have designed custom made Indian arches and Indian doors for restaurants in Australia and in USA and Europe. We make Bali doors and restored Java doors from recycled teak wood salvaged from old buildings, boats and ox carts etc.
Enquire with our staff about ways we can help with your Architectural restorations and building projects. If you check out our Facebook page “Shikara Design” you can see photos of many finished projects to help and inspire you.

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  • Code GOVI1864

    Ramgar Old Indian White Doors Pair
    $ 1695.00 $ 699.00
  • Code MODI1926

    Barmer Old Indian Doors Pair
    $ 1795.00 $ 599.00
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