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Khal Mohammedi/konya

Khal Mohammed is a very imaginitive rug producer from Northern Afghanistan

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Khal Mohammed is a very imaginitive rug producer from Northern Afghanistan. He is an Ersari Turkmen and a master dyer as well. The Khal Mohammedi rug generally is relatively short pile, very finely finished, and very attractive. Working with vegetable dyes Khal Mohammed has created attractive Afghan rugs with highest quality handspun wool and beautiful natural colours. This rug will last a lifetime. Khal Mohammed owns looms in Mazar-i-Sheriff, Andkhoy, and Kunduz. He is based in North Mazar-i-Sheriff . The key is extremely innovative use of natural dyes, and the blending of the different subtle tones. He has developed some of the best natural reds seen. Additionally the workmanship, wool quality, and finish are very high quality. We have a large selection of Khal Mohammed rugs ranging from entrance mats to roomsize, so email us now for pics of our range, stating the sizes you require. Shipping for these carpets is very reasonable and we can quote you on a delivered price anywhere worldwide.

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