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Tantric Statues

The temples at Khajuraho and Konorak are a carnival of sensuality ... read more... read more

The temples at Khajuraho and Konorak are a carnival of sensuality. They are completely covered in stone apsaras like these, playing out the joy of life. They have been inspirational for our collection of Tantra sculpture in sandstones and soft stones.
These are some of many depictions of the Tantric art covering the temples at Khajuraho and Konorak. and are reproductions of pieces used by the Tantrikas around the ninth century.
Available in many sizes and forms in a range of postures, these images are reminiscent of the feast of sensuality depicted on the famous tantra temples , where meditators may sit in the darkness of the interior while the whole carnival of life plays out around them on the exterior walls. And then there are the goddesses.

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